Secrets to heal your beliefs & self esteem

Today, we dive into the Secret to Success: Your Worth Barometer

“You have to believe in yourself when no one else does. That’s what makes a winner.”
—Venus Williams, Olympic gold medalist and professional tennis champion

In my 20+ years of research into the secret to success, I’ve found that the most important aspect of long-term, sustainable success in business & life is a your worth barometer.

In this special report I will share critical insight you need to know about your worth barometer.

I coined this term (which is a measurement of a person’s self-esteem and beliefs) in my second book, 7-Principles-web-200OPThe 7 Principles of Becoming a Millionaire for Life: Powerful Lessons to Create Significant Wealth, Health & Happiness.” Just as a regular barometer predicts the weather, depending on the atmospheric pressure — your worth barometer predicts the types of clients, situations and circumstances you’ll attract.

People with a healthy, worth barometer have a positive outlook and a healthy self-image. Regardless of outside circumstances, they persevere. They also seem to have better luck. They often just happen to be at the right place at the right time. They have healthy relationships and enjoy the life and business they have created! They have a great self-image and a great life. They are willing to persevere even when things aren’t going their way.

On the other hand, people with low worth barometers have a low self-image.  They have a difficult time sustaining long-term success and happiness. They experience highs and lows in their business and sabotage their success by ignoring other aspects of their lives such as their relationships or health. At the core level they don’t believe that they’re good enough. If (by chance) they achieve short term success, rarely do they sustain it. Even if they make a million dollars or achieve something similarly spectacular in one area of their life, they will typically lose it.

Your worth barometer directly influences your wealth barometer (how much money you make and how you manage it).  It also affects your health barometer and relationship barometer. That is why it is critical to get it operating at an optimal performance level.

Fortunately, your worth barometer isn’t fixed. You can build it up by assessing your current level of self-esteem and making shifts in your internal belief system.


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Changing your belief system.

Beliefs are powerful things. According to the author and philosopher James Allen, “You are truly where your thoughts have brought you. You will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.” Consequently, if you believe you deserve health and happiness, you’re more likely to get it.

People often want to know the level of their worth barometer and how to raise it. An easy initial assessment is to ask:

“Am I achieving the goals I desire… in my business, personal life, with my health?” Continue to ask this question in all areas of your life. If the answer is “Yes” at least 80% of the time, then you can keep doing what you’re doing! Your barometer appears to be in the healthy zone. If the answer is “No” the majority of the time, you either need to accept your results and life or — own up and do the work to change it.

The best news is that your beliefs and self-esteem are not etched in concrete. You can change it (and the results you get) by making the required shifts to your internal belief system. While this can be challenging (especially if you are attached to your beliefs and the justification that they are right), the rewards of changing them can be a life and game chworth barometer- 300x200-OPanger. The exercises I share later in this article can make the shift smoother. Please note: If you have experienced extreme trauma, then it is recommended that you seek professional guidance prior to any of these exercises.

Let’s begin with a common opportunity. If the success you desire in your financial advisor marketing or business plan has been elusive to date, it would be a good idea to review your beliefs and self-esteem. Take out a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle to create two columns. On one column, identify the beliefs and behaviors that are supporting your goals. On the other column, identify the behaviors or beliefs that do not support you and that you need to let go. It is critical that you are honest – your future success (or lack thereof) depends on it.

Studies have found that our beliefs can actually carry more weight than the current reality. For example, many people who are suffering from serious illnesses regain health simply because of their belief in the treatments. If you believe in the power of prayer, alternative health or chemo — they can all heal you. The determining success factor is purely based on the person’s beliefs.

Other studies prove that we can alter or shift our beliefs with a combination of affirmations, goal setting, visualization, self-talk, coaching and consistent practice.

Changes in any area require that we become aware of the desire and need to make a shift. Permanent shifts require that we persevere even if things don’t go as planned or we get scared or overwhelmed. Creating an action plan makes it easier. As Albert Einstein so eloquently shared, insanity is wanting a different result but continuing to do the same thing. Too often, advisors want success in their business plan but continue to make excuses why they haven’t completed their high-value, fixed daily activities (HVFDAs) or income-producing activities (IPAs), such as making warm calls to their niche market or scheduling introductions with referrals partners. Clearly insanity!

As Albert Einstein so eloquently pointed out, wanting a different result yet continuing to do the same thing is insanity. There are a lot of people that want to be financially free, for example, and yet they continue to overspend and rack up credit card debt. Or they want to become a million dollar a year producer but continue to show up like a $100,000 a year producer. Insanity indeed!

If you want to achieve a certain goal but it’s been elusive, you need to identify the beliefs and behaviors that are getting in your way. Begin by reviewing every aspect of your life—such as your career, relationships, health, community and finances. Write down the beliefs and behaviors that are working and what beliefs & behaviors you need to change. Be brutally honest with yourself. It may be difficult or scary to let go of something you’ve held so dear for so long, but the ultimate result will be worth it.

How to stop feeling overwhelmedBrain research proves that to change a belief or a habit, we need to change or replace the neuron pathways with different beliefs and habits that support our goal. Research also shows that by quieting down our mind, so we can separate our thinking from our being, we actually increase the area in our brains that controls our ability to focus.

Scientific studies also confirm that beliefs matter more than the current reality of a given situation. For example, many people who miraculously overcome illness do so because they simply believe in their treatments with every fiber of their being. Prayer, chemo, acupuncture—in many respects are all the same if the belief in them is strong enough.

In today’s instant-gratification, youth-driven media culture, it’s easy to feel inadequate. Wherever you look, there are people who are thinner, smarter, richer, healthier, sexier, happier and more attractive.

A strong self-esteem helps you keep things in perspective. This is why it’s important to do the personal work necessary to build your self-image. If necessary, seek professional help: It’s that important. Otherwise, feelings of inadequacy can haunt you and prevent you from realizing your potential.

One of the best ways to determine your current level of self-esteem is to listen to the internal tapes you play on a regular basis. Does your internal dialogue build up your confidence or force you to retreat from life’s abundance? Again, be honest with yourself and work to change your self-talk. Start small and soon your worth barometer will start to rise.

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